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Heya! Thanks for taking interest in my services! Please find below a list of things I will and will not draw. Please be sure to familiarise yourself with my style before commissioning me so that you are sure I'm the right artist for you!

I Will Draw
Drug use

Tasteful Nudity and NSFW - Terms Apply


I Will NOT Draw
Specialist Fetish Art
Feral characters in NSFW situations
Minors in NSFW or Drug Inclusive situations
Self harm
Art with offensive, political or prejudicial undertones

Regarding payment, for commissions priced under £20 I request that the payment be sent upfront, however for more expensive commissions I am perfectly fine with a half upfront and half on approval of the sketch layer approach. Other payment options can be discussed. Complexity fee's do apply if you require a specialist background, complex poses or if the characters design is detailed. The amount of the fee varies. Also if you do not have a form of character reference like a ref sheet or previously completed artwork then I will require a detailed written description, a way that I can contact you easily for approval of the artwork, as well as a variable fee that may or may not also include the complexity fee. If you feel you are unhappy with the prices given then do not shy away from discussing it with me, I'm sure we will be able to work a price that is fair and suits the both of us.

Regarding refunds. I will NOT refund money for completed artwork. I am happy to change minor details to suit your preferences however I do ask that if you request large changes then I will be made aware of this during the approval of the sketch layer. Partial refunds are offered depending on the current progress of your commission, if you wish to cancel a commission that I have begun work on then you will receive a 50% refund and a 75% refund if I have not begun work. This is for the time I take to plan my timetable for commissions and organisation. If the sketch layer has been approved then I will NOT issue a refund.

Regarding trades, I love to do art trades! I do request however that both of us be around the same bracket of artistic capability so that we can both receive artwork we can be happy with.

When re-posting completed commissions please make sure you credit me for the work. I do not give consent for you to use completed commissions in private projects such as video game sprites or animations. If you wish to discuss me granting you the copyright to any completed artwork please feel free to let me know however be aware that this will include a hefty cost. I do NOT consent to people tracing or editing my artwork in any way whatsoever, this especially includes editing or tweaking with AI, you will be blacklisted. The only exception to this would be red line edits if you are a current client of mine looking to better illustrate what you would like drawn. If you wish for minor changes to be made on completed commissions then contact me and I will be happy to do that for you, please note that this offer expires after six months and if after six months you wish for changes to be made on completed artwork then a small fee will be included.

If you wish to commission NSFW artwork then I will request an ID that proves you are 18+, I retain the right to refuse any NSFW commission if I feel the concept is too extreme. My ideal client is someone who allows me to work at my own pace, requests to ''draw in this persons style'' will not be appreciated, nor will multiple edit requests after the art has been approved. No, I do not work for exposure and no I do not do free art unless its for a special promotion. I take my artwork very seriously and I request that all my clients do the same with my service.

By commissioning me you agree to the terms and conditions above as well as consent for me to post the completed commissions to various social media to help boost my brand and service. Character credit will of course be given.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you !

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