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Ollie Quinn

Hey there! My name is Ollie but I go by the name 'TrivialBroker' online. I am a film and creative media student from the UK and I love to draw! My other interests beside art involve swing jazz, arthouse cinema and taking care of my adorable kitty Patch. I am ASD so I do struggle with social interaction here and there but I have a wonderful set of friend groups that I can let loose around! I primarily create digital art of original characters, or OC's as they have come to be dubbed, however I have also been known to dabble into landscape, manga and portrait art too. 



I have a group of OC's myself, each with distinctive looks and personalities. I like to apply bits and pieces of my own personality to each of my OC's with my main man Broker the cat being the all encompassing alias that represents my online image, besides Broker my characters include

Saffri the Fox,

a creative and expressive girl who uses her own body as a canvas to present her outlandish tribal markings, she has a distinct fascination with the world and the people in it. Often struggling to find people to relate to.

Talus the Monkey,

a very reserved and socially distant character. He finds strength in personal space and quiet, calm areas. He has a good moral compass and is an adept problem solver and mediator.

Skipjack the Skunk,

a cheeky and sarcastic guy, he finds making friends difficult but is well loved by all who take the time to get to know him. His punk appearance isn't founded by a love for death metal or gothic literature but instead a distaste for conformity and a love for self expression.

Mochi the Bunny

a shy affectionate soul, Mochi is the type to always crave physical affection but will lack the confidence to ask for it. They adore all things soft, cuddly and cute and will always be your rock to lean on should you need to. Mochi is non-binary and uses any and all pronouns!


Are your DM's open?
Yes of course! Feel free to come say hi! You can find my Twitter, Instagram and Discord server all on the Contact Me page


Can I draw your characters?
That would be wonderful! Thank you so much! Please only SFW art though. You can find all my characters refs here :D

Are you okay with drawing this for me?
For everything I'm comfortable and not comfortable with drawing please click here

Are you a 'furry'?
I get asked this question a lot by friends and family and I guess the answer is I suppose so? I have an anthropomorphic character that I attach all my personality traits too and I often gravitate back to drawing animal characters. I like browsing furry themed artwork, I think the characters are all so cute and expressive and seeing people express themselves through their furry OC's is really fascinating to me.


Why the name Trivial Broker?
TrivialBroker quite literally translates to a person of little to no use who trades goods and assets with others. Its rather self deprecating but I like it! Plus I think it rolls off the tongue nicely.

How do I know if you are open for commissions?
I have a status bar on the Commissions page that shows whether or not I am open for commissions, trades and collabs. Usually I am so even if you are unsure feel free to come and ask!

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