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Tales from sylfheim

Thanks to the discovery of an ancient cosmic power, animal-kind have evolved to create a thriving and civilised society ruled by the imperial Fraer Dynasty. They are opposed by the Acolytes of Sidyr, a cultist group that believe savagery and a life led by instinct is the only way to achieve enlightenment, and the tides of war are stirring once more.

Follow Prince Hemlan Fraer, Innkeeper Clio Frynn and Acolyte Maegur Frost as they struggle to find their place in this fractured fantasy world.

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Meet the cast

Meet The Cast

Innkeeper Clio Frynne

After a horrific incident that left young Cliodora and her brother Artur to fend for themselves, the two struggled for years to obtain ownership of the Timberheart Inn. This incident motivated her to offer shelter to victims of similar attacks, leading to contention with her elder brother. Clio is a gentle sort, but holds a distain for the Royals and their disregard for the struggles of the common folk.

Prince Hemlan Fraer

Hemlan is the current heir to the throne of Sylfheim. As Prince they live in the royal chambers situated in the Spire, however due to their anxiety of holding responsibility over the kingdom, they opt to shave their mane to not only put off the crowning ceremony, but also to live a double life among the people as a common lioness.

Acolyte Maegur Frost

Maegur is a young wolf desperate to forge a peaceful existence for himself. Having been raised by his sister as one of the savage Acolytes of Sidyr, Maegur is no stranger to violence, however his kind spirit and persistence in creating a new life for himself drives him to always strive for a peaceful resolution.

Queen Talia.jpg

Queen Talia Fraer

Mother to Hemlan and current ruler of Sylfheim


Chief Rutan

Head of the Queen's Royal Guard


Lady Lazriel

The Royal Relations Advisor 

Kaaz and Myla.jpg

Kassandra and Myla

Prince Hemlan's personal handmaidens

Acolyte Kaegur Frost

Elder sister to Maegur Frost


Grynn the Devout

Leader of an insurrection group within the Acolytes

Acolyte Dandrynn Grey

Friend to siblings Kaegur and Maegur Frost

Kallerhast the Fangbearer

The current leader to the Acolytes of Sidyr

Innkeeper Artur Frynn

Elder brother to Innkeeper Clio Frynn

Druid Y'dren Mott

Druid of Drumlyn Bay and friend to Clio and Artur


World Map



Era of Entropy

In the age before the lion cub Fraer recieved the blessing of the gods, the world was chaotic and ever changing, all beings were driven by instinct and primal urges. The lion pack was divided by a great storm which led to many undertaking a journey to find a new home. Fraer was separated on this journey and upon taking shelter in a cave, close to death, he discovered a mysterious divine underground reservoir which shone with the light of a burning fire. After coming into contact with it, Fraer was granted conciousness and upon returning as an enlightened being, the gift was shared with those of his ilk and species beyond.

Era of the Prime Sylf

Fraer has come to power and alongside the might of his fellow kin, his two loyal shadows and his legions of worshippers the first great advanced animal society was born. However upon learning that the blessing had ceased to spread, Fraer in an attempt to preserve the lives of those who had recieved the gift, issued a proclamation that no animal which carried the light shall be hunted. Which for his legion, was no problem. However a group of solitary animals was formed that contested this decision as they could very well starve under this new jurisdiction. Disdain grew amongst this group when dialogue continued to fail, until eventually an esteemed member of this collective, Sidyr the fox, killed a lion cub and regressed back to a feral state. Upon his death Sidyr achieved martyrdom, with his followers believing that by going against the king's law, and by giving into anger, rejecting the light and allowing primal instinct to take over, Sidyr reached a type of enlightenment.

Era of the Great Divide

The chaos that ensued led to the shattering of the Prime Sylf as war was waged across Fraers kingdom. Upon his death many species wrestled for power. The Reptilian Federation faced unprecedented droughts and food shortages due to Fraer’s blessing impacting floral growth and weather patterns across the lands, the avian windriders retreated with Faelyn to the mountain peaks, and Berwyns sorcery and powers of foresight drew in herbivores from all across the land. Fraers pride could not maintain order across the lands so struggled against the acolytes for generations, only managing to stay one step ahead thanks to an allegiance with Berwyn and the growing society of druid-folk. The Reptilian Federation struggled to govern their people as loyalties shifted to pirate clans who could provide the people with food and water they had pilfered from other lands, often from Druid Country.. Through hardships, the pride managed to fight back against their enemies, and they used their proximity to the King Fraer to re-establish the monarchy and take back parts of their land. Moedyn the conqueror recieved the title of king and oversaw the construction of the great kingdom of Sylfraer, the capital city of Sylfheim. The Reptilian Federation absconded, and left the deserts in the hands of the pirate clans.

Era of the Fraer Dynasty

In this age, kingdoms were built, allegiances were formed and the Acolytes have been fought back. The descendants of those in Fraers pride who were left behind in the storm came to power and established themselves in the marshlands, yet shared an unstable alliance with the crown as the monarchy refused to recognise their bloodline as royalty. The Royal Family also refused any alliance with the new governing body in the deserts. This led to the Reptilia forging alliances with The Windriders, thus causing the acolytes to stage an assault on the Oasis in an attempt to gain access to the Truth Be-Telling mountains. The Windriders called upon the crown for aid however as the crown saw the reptiles as lowly smugglers, crime lords and pirates who they constantly clashed with for control over the seas, the crown refused, leading to a shattering of any alliance they had with the Windriders. The battle was won, yet many casualties came as a result, and as such the crown was blamed for refusing to come to aid. The Acolytes, after many lost battles, have been drastically weakened. The crown has fallen unto Queen Talia Fraer. The descendants of the old lion pride have found new hope in their leader Morwyk, who whilst sly and untrustworthy, has vowed to give his people what they deserve. Detest runs rampant within the ranks of the Acolytes and an insurrection group is beginning to form. Meanwhile the Druids struggle with cryptic visions through their futuresight. It is here, where our story begins...

Chapter One

Chapter one


Chapter two


Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapter three


Chapter Four


Chapter Four

Chapter five

Chapter Five


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